LiquidPiston Expands Facilities and Acquires R&D Assets

New machining center expands space by one third; additional testing assets to double R&D capacity

Bloomfield, CT — March 27, 2023 — LiquidPiston, the leading innovator of compact and efficient engine technology and hybrid power systems, today announced that it has expanded the company’s facilities in Bloomfield, CT and acquired physical assets and software licenses from Pinnacle Engines, a venture capital-backed engine development company based in California.

All acquired items have been relocated to the company’s expanded 16,000 sq ft location, including a new, 4,000 sq ft machining center adjacent to LiquidPiston's headquarters in Bloomfield CT. The purchased assets from Pinnacle include an engine dynamometer, testing equipment, tools and software licenses, and will accompany the company’s additional investments in CNC manufacturing equipment including a wire electrical discharge machine (EDM) and 5-axis CNC milling center, as well as a CNC lathe.

LiquidPiston’s X-EngineTM technology platform utilizes the breakthrough thermodynamic concepts of the company’s patented High-Efficiency Hybrid Cycle™ (HEHC) in a totally reimagined compact rotary engine architecture that overcomes the limitations of the traditional Wankel rotary engine. The result is a purpose-designed power source for auxiliary and hybrid-electric propulsion platforms where portability, efficiency, low maintenance, and jet fuel compatibility all work to overcome current range and payload shortcomings. With the acquisition of Pinnacle's assets and the expansion of space for R&D, LiquidPiston aims to accelerate its mission to create the most efficient and sustainable engines on the market.

About LiquidPiston: LiquidPiston, Inc., a Bloomfield, Conn-based technology startup, is leading the power systems industry’s development of efficient, fossil- or renewable fuel-capable combustion engines that are compact - delivering 1.5 HP/lb - and scalable - from one horsepower (HP) to over 1,000. The company’s patented High Efficiency Hybrid CycleTM (HEHC), together with breakthrough innovations in engine architecture, support next-generation fuel-energy conversion solutions for hybrid power systems, including for UAS, mobile power generation, and APU applications. The team has received $30 million of venture capital and private funding to develop these technologies, with 83 granted and pending patents worldwide related to thermodynamics and advanced engine design that will enable a new family of engines and generators that are lightweight, compact, highly efficient and portable.